Parts and Links

British Racing Green

British Racing Green are Moss Motors authorized distributors and have a nice discount on Moss prices on their website. They also have a yard full of parts cars.

It's Shameless Commerce time... But I must get a plug in for who I regard as the best supplier on the east coast. Jim Knight at British Racing Green helped me get through the TR250 restoration with the fastest and cheapest parts service and some of the best advice available. It's nice to find someone who is not just a businessman but a true enthusiast. He has been in the business a long time, try the website link above.

MGB resources

There are lots around but I found Paul Hunt's (no relation!) site, "Hammer and spanner" was the best place to start.

Mini Parts in The USA

Initially I found it difficult to get a good deal on mini parts stateside until I found gbcarparts(see below) The biggest suppliers, like Minimania while having good stock are applying big markups that are not seen on other British cars. Nearly all of the parts they sell are from UK suppliers, Minimania use Minispares parts and I have a number of times prepared the same order on both websites and found that minimania are 2-3 times the price!! A case in point was a lot of the suspension joints, hoses and small parts in the UK they totalled $350. EXACTLY the same parts (even the part numbers are the same) at Minimania came out at $800. I have found that as long as the parts are not too heavy or large Minispares have reasonable shipping to the USA. Shipping for that order was around $70 and I got the parts in 4 days. In the end I usually find that its cheaper to get the parts from the UK. Whats especially nice about minispares is the shipping is calculated before the order so you know where you stand and if its higher they will contact you before shipping. I found that some of the components are common to other British cars, especially the brakes, buying those parts from MG parts suppliers (try, see below) can save quite a lot.

As to the larger parts its difficult, I was lucky and knew someone bringing in a container so my heavy parts and panels went on that, I also travel to the UK and always end up bringing back a suitcase (only 23kg now) full of parts.

Great British Cars

Having said that one place in the USA I did find and have used more than a few times is I got a GREAT deal on a set of alloy wheels/tyres some arches and even a bonnet, the rest of the parts are much more reasonably priced and the service is good with delivery times no problem.


After finding this little device I cannot imagine I will ever run a distributor ignition again. Brent Picasso's Megajolt website Has the details of this programmable Mapped Ignition system that solves most ignition problems and it won't break the bank. Weather or not you are doing a turbo engine you have to look into this device.

ATP Turbo

My first purchase for the Mini turbo project was the turbo, Fortunately I found ATPturbo and since then have used them for most of my fiddly bits for the turbo. Whilst not the cheapest place out there they had everything I needed and the orders were shipped within hours of my placing them. They are also great at answering my stupid questions!

British American Transfer

I needed some oil cooler hoses and thermostat and found BAT Who specialise in MOCAL products and Ford cars. They have everything you can think of on the oil hose/cooling area including the special fitments to the A+ block and oil filter. Prices are reasonable and service is great.

Summit Racing

I needed lots of bits and bobs and Summit Racing were great. They have loads of stuff, delivery is superfast and they gave me no trouble at all when I had made a mistake and wanted to return something, Highly recommended.

Useful Links

Some of my favorite links:-

ATP Turbo Turbos and accessories. Bought mine here, they were great

Autosportlabs Brent Picasso's Megajolt site, I'll never use a distributor again!

BAT Supplier of MOCAL oil coolers, thermostats and fittings in USA

British Racing Green My local parts supplier

Car Talk listen for Click and Clack on PBS

GB Carparts US parts supplier for mini with reasonable prices, especialy wheels

Guinness The ONLY lubricant

LIMORA The best Mini parts breakdown images on the net, I used these a lot

Minispares website Reasonable shipping rates to USA-much cheaper than buying stateside

Minisport website USA Shipping rates not great but can still be cheaper than stateside

Mintys SU compare-O-rama/ One of the best sites for comparing SU needles

Summit Racing Loads of bits and Bobs, superfast delivery.

Turbo minis A great site if you are thinking of turbocharging the mini Another great site if you are thinking of turbocharging the mini