The Turbo Mini

Austin Mini, registered as 1967 but is built around an 80's bodyshell. As can be seen in this website the Car was completely stripped and rebuilt from the ground up. The engine and gearbox were also completely rebuilt with appropriate modifications to ensure that they could take the extra power of a turbo. The car does a ¼ mile in the mid 15 second area and has a 0-60 in the mid 7’s, and is a blast to squirt around the backroads… At the rolling road test with 10psi it produced 109BHp at the wheels, which equates to approx 130BHp at the flywheel. This engine could easily make higher boost/power but I find the current settings of 10psi fine for the traction currently available.

The body was stripped to a bare shell, new panels and repairs were made and the shell was painted with an epoxy primer. This was followed by multiple coats of hi-build primer, the underside was covered in Rocker Schultz and topcoated then the rest of the body was block sanded. Finally the shell was topcoated in the colour "strong blue" with a white roof. The rear subframe is new and both the front and rear suspension have fully adjustable components plus SPAX adjustable shocks. The brakes are standard drums at rear and drilled slotted 8-1/2” disks at front with greenstuff pads and a servo. The heater was removed but will be included in the sale.

The engine was completely rebuilt as a fast road car with attention to reducing turbo lag as much as possible.A brand new GT15 turbo was used with a camshaft and Compression ratio selected to keep the engine responsive when not on boost. The small turbo and custom manifold avoided the need to cut the front crossmember.A distributor-less, programmable ignition system (megajolt) is used which has a MaP sensor to allow retard when on boost. There is a wideband O2 sensor and analog display plus a knock sensor and indicator. The Carb needle was custom adjusted for the engine configuration.Forged pistons/ARP rod bolts and duplex timing chain with offset key for timing adjustment were used. A Turbo head with sodium exhaust valves and the turbo spec crankshaft were used from a Metro turbo donor engine. There is an intercooler on the right inner wing panel and an auxiliary cooling radiator up front.

The standard gearbox was totally rebuilt with new synchros and bearings. A Crosspin diff with 2.95 ratio gives a comfortable 70mph cruise. The speedo gears were matched to the speedo. A KAD quickshift is installed. Straight cut drop gears were used with higher power in consideration and these give a whine on acceleration and clatter a bit at idle but that is totally normal.The noises are music to my ears


1293 cc (+20) A+ Series Engine, Full rebuild with all new bearings

Turbo head and crankshaft

Accralite Forged pistons 14cc CR=8.5-1

ARP rod bolts, New Turbo oil pump, New Kent 266 camshaft

Extra engine steady (so 3 installed)

Duplex timing chain with offset key to finetune the timing

GT15 Turbo on fabricated Manifold. Running 10psi with Intercooler

HIF 44 turbo carb with custom polished needle

2core radiator, 10” electric cooling fan and Aux radiator

Grey clutch diaphragm with road/rally clutchplate

SC drop gears, (original helicals included)

Standard helical gearbox, fully rebuilt with all new synchros and bearings

KAD quickshift (original gearstick included)

Crosspin 2.95 diff

2” DTM exhaust system

Megajolt programmable distributorless ignition with MaP sensor

Wideband O2 sensor and display. Knock sensor.



12” alloy wheels

New rear subframe

Polly subframe bushings front and rear

Adjustable front lower arms and tie rods

Camber/tracking brackets at rear

HiLo’s at front, rear trumpets adjusted for rideheight.

SPAX adjustable shocks all round

Drilled and slotted front disks with greenstuff pads.

Standard brake servo



Stripped to bare shell, new panels and weld repairs as needed.

Quick release bonnet hinges (saves cracking your head!)

Front Crossmember was not modified for turbo.

Epoxy basecoat, primer and PPG shopline topcoat paint

New s/s bumpers

New window rubbers and trim all round

New headliner

Tilt/removable sunroof.

Subaru front seats (originals included)

Retro instrument panel and steering column pod with RPM, O2 and boost guages

Heater removed (but included in sale)