The TR 250

My wife now refers to this car as my "Ex-girlfriend" as I spent all my time and money on her, then she left me! She now lives in the Netherlands with a new guy

The TR250/TR5 was only built between 1967 and 1968 and only around 8500 TR250's were built. It was basically a TR4A which had the 6 cylinder, 2.5 Litre engine later fitted to the TR6. Whilst the rest of the world got the TR5 with fuel injection, those sold in the USA were fitted with twin carburetors, a tame cam, lower compression and stripes! These were called the TR250.

This was an early build from October of 1967 and was with me for 10 years, from 1994 until 2004 in which time I did a full rebuild. I bought the car when it had been laid up for 9 years and although it obviously had a problem at the front left, the almost complete lack of rust made me take the plunge. Apart from a trip to the body shop to get the suspension sorted I did all the work myself including welding, panel beating lead filling and painting.

The first winter I saw to most of the mechanical work, the next winter was spent on the bodywork. One winters project was to rebuild the transmission and convert it to overdrive. Another I rebuilt the engine to TR5 specs. I always managed to get it on the road for the spring so that I could enjoy driving. I have always jotted down my experiences in a diary and have collected the best in the "Tech Tips" area of this website.

A highlight was being featured in the Readers Restorations section of October 98's Practical Classics magazine. Click to see the article