The 1967 MGB

I picked this one up in 2011. I liked the old style Dash of the pre 67 cars so this one fit the bill. It had an incredibly solid underbody and looked OK from a distance but the whole car needed work. The body needed a complete respray and the Interior was shabby. Mechanically its pretty good. The engine was rebuilt fairly recently but a dropped freeze plug meant I needed to go over it again, gearbox and final drive all seem fine.

2014 and it done. I am starting to enjoy the car now and I must say that for a 48 year old car it drives down the road really nice but it needs just one thing to make it perfect.. an Overdrive transmission, and thats what I am up to this winter!

The body has been repaired and repainted, with new panels where needed, the engine and gearbox rebuilt and just about all of the interior, rubber and shiny bits are new.

Latest Pictures

A prize! First place, Chrome bumper MGB's, at the Cars amd Motorcycles of England Show in West Chester, that was a nice surprise.