Engine rebuild

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Sept 28th 2005 First things first, Buy the Turbo!!

Dec 1st 2006, Engine stripdown

Dec 17th 2006, Gearbox stripdown

Jan 15th 2007, Gearbox rebuild

March 7th 2007, Engine back from Machine shop

March 15th 2007, Well known fact, Red engines go faster!

March 30th 2007, Schedule 40 Manifold

Apr 1 2007 Megajolt install

Apr 8 2007 Fuel, exhaust and turbo plumbing

Apr 13th 2007 Machine shop problems

May 27th 2007 Manifold done...Finally

May 30th 2007 Fire In The Hole!!!

Aug 17th 2007 On the road again.

Aug 30th 2007 So how fast is it?

Sep 25th 2007 Intercooler

Oct 25th 2007 Blown pistons.

Jan 15th 2008, Cooling improvements.

May 5th 2008 Back in business