Bodywork rebuild

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July 28th 2005 As bought...

August 28th 2005 Got it running

Nov 20th 2005 Stripdown

Dec 15th 2005 Scuttle panels and firewall

Dec 20th 2005 Front wings and apron

Feb 19th 2006 Right sill

Mar 1st 2006 Left sill

Mar 10th 2006 Valance and boot repairs

May 26th 2006 Off to see the stripper

Aug 7th 2006 Filler and undercoat

Aug 24th 2006 More primer, more filler

Aug 29th 2006 painted roof and interior

Aug 31st 2006 Final paint coats

Sep 24th 2006 Its back On its wheels

Sep 30th 2006 Glass, interior and bonnet problems

Oct 22nd 2006 Engine back in

Oct 25th 2006, On the road again!